CanAssist Breast

CanAssist Breast is a prognostic test for early-stage breast cancer patients. At our central CAP-accredited laboratory breast cancer samples are analyzed for expression of 5 protein biomarkers and in combination with three clinical parameters to derive the risk for recurrence. The test offers vital insights about the tumor and aids to personalize a treatment plan specifically for each patient’s situation - including the risk of distant recurrence, the benefit from chemotherapy and whether the patient can be treated effectively with hormonal therapy alone.

Need to Predict Breast Cancer Recurrence Risk

Recurrence risk prediction is an important step towards personalized cancer treatment. Up to 3 out of 4 early-stage hormone receptor-positive breast cancer patients are not likely to benefit from chemotherapy over its side effects. This makes accurate risk prediction an all-important prerequisite for effective treatment. No two breast cancers are alike – both doctors and patients need to understand tumor biology to create a unique treatment plan. Not all women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer require chemotherapy. CanAssist Breast helps to identify patients who can be spared chemotherapy and thus avoid its side-effects, the cost of treatment, and the toll it takes on the patients’ quality of life.

CanAssist Breast provides additional information about the tumor. The test results help to identify the likelihood of cancer returning to a distant site after surgery. It also helps to determine whether the patient is likely to benefit from additional chemotherapy along with hormone therapy.

Each patient is unique, and not all of them have to undergo chemotherapy. The clear distinction of recurrence risk allows doctors to devise treatment plans that are in sync with the prognosis, maintaining a sensible balance between the benefits and side-effects. It makes personalized treatment possible while keeping the costs down in low-risk cases. Through the use of our test, physicians can make customized treatment decisions based on the diagnosis and the biology of the tumor.

The CanAssist Breast Solution

CanAssist Breast predicts cancer recurrence in hormone-positive patients in stages 1 and 2, through a machine learning-based algorithm that incorporates data from patient’s tumor biology, and clinico-pathological data (tumor size, tumor grade, and node status) to arrive at a comprehensive CanAssist Breast risk score. It categorizes breast cancer patients into low and high risk for distant recurrence with no grey areas (intermediate risk) in between.

Once your doctor prescribes CanAssist Breast, the hospital will send your FFPE blocks comprising of the tumor tissue removed during your original surgery to OncoStem’s laboratory. We will perform the test by analyzing five protein biomarkers and computing risk of recurrence using our proprietary machine learning algorithm. The results are shared with the doctor within ten business days, and the patient can discuss the report to personalize the treatment. You will NOT have to go through any additional surgery or procedure to get the results of CanAssist Breast test.

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