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This startup helps cancer patients look at treatment options with a fresh perspective

Our tool is added to the existing methods doctors use, to understand the risks of cancer recurrence in patients better, and plan a more informed school of action

January 04, 2019


With advances in science, treating breast cancer isn’t as frightening as it might have been earlier: Dr Manjiri Bakre

OncoStem Diagnostics has launched CanAssist-Breast, a test which can reportedly predict the likelihood of cancer returning by analysing samples of a patient’s tumour through a machine learning-based algorithm.

November 05, 2018


Breast Cancer treatment: A test to tell if chemotherapy is needed

OncoStem Diagnostics has developed a promising diagnostic test that can spare breast cancer patients from unnecessary chemotherapy. By analysing the patient’s tumour biology, CanAssist-Breast identifies patients at ‘low-risk’ or ‘high-risk’ for recurrence to assess the benefit of adding chemotherapy to their treatment.

November 01, 2018


Startups in India are trying to train AI to fight cancer

In many cases, early detection can go a long way in saving the lives. And Bengaluru-based breast cancer screening startup, OncoStem, is doing just that.

October 25, 2018


When Chemotherapy isn't the answer...

When should a breast cancer patient go for chemotherapy? Studies have shown that the rate of recurrence in early-stage breast cancer patients is low. This indicates that a vast majority of these patients receive little to no benefit from the addition of chemotherapy to their treatment regimen.

October 09, 2018


This test spares early-stage breast cancer patients from chemotherapy

The benefit that early-stage patients receive from chemotherapy is usually low. Since most early-stage patients do well without chemotherapy, this makes accurate risk prediction an all-important prerequisite for effective treatment.

September 07, 2018


Know how machine learning is helping us beat chemotherapy

While machine learning has already proven its worth in many fields, be it travel, logistics or online shopping, health care is emerging as a sector where it is expected to be a game changer

August 11, 2018


Dr. Manjiri live on Facebook with Vishal

Dr. Manjiri narrating her experiences of initial days of OncoStem with host Vishal from YourStory.

August 10, 2018


For Dr Bakre Sparing Breast Cancer Patients from Chemotherapy has been a Life Calling

For Dr Manjiri Bakre, 48, founding OncoStem Diagnostics was driven by a personal experience. Within two years of diagnosis a close friend passed away at 30 due to breast cancer

July 10, 2018


A glimpse of the vision of OncoStem by New Indian Express

Thirty-one-year-old Marie would have undergone chemotherapy but for Dr Manjiri Bakre and her OncoStem’s CanAssist-Breast test. The test showed that the newly married woman belonged

July 08, 2018


Silicon India speaks about OncoStem

We have come a long way from the era when surgery was the only treatment modality for breast cancer and has reached several milestones akin to radiation therapy, chemotherapy

June 11, 2018


About Dr. Manjiri in Smart CEO

Sequoia Capital and Artiman Ventures-backed OncoStem Diagnostics predicts cancer recurrence in a patient through its flagship product, CanAssist. While its current focus

June 09, 2018


E27 talks about OncoStem's flag-ship product CanAssist-Breast

A close friend of Dr. Manjiri Bakre's -- a cell biology veteran with significant experience in cancer biology and drug discovery -- was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer

June 01, 2018


Our journey so far, in an attempt to improve the quality of life of Breast Cancer Patients, covered by CNBC Awaaz

May 26, 2018


Oncostem Diagnostics Raises $6 Million Led By Sequoia India

OncoStem Diagnostics, a Bengaluru- based oncology-focused startup, has raised $6 million in a funding round led by Sequoia India. The firm is focused on personalised cancer treatment

May 21, 2018

6 million reasons why you should know this cancer scientist

Dr Manjiri Bakre's OncoStem is revolutionising breast cancer treatment in India with a test that is faster AND cheaper than what is currently available in Europe and the US.

September 27, 2017


OncoStem Diagnostics launches CanAssist-Breast: an innovative Breast cancer recurrence prediction test

OncoStem Diagnostics announces the launch of its flagship product

November 30, 2016


About OncoStem Diagnostics, Published in ET

"Today in India over 90% of breast cancer patients go for chemotherapy to avoid recurrence however if you are a stage 1 cancer patient you might not have to go through

October 04, 2016


OncoStem in ABSICON 2016

OncoStem Diagnostics participated in ABSICON 2016, a Breast Cancer focused surgical oncology meeting held from July 1st-3rd at Hotel ITC Gardenia, Bangalore. Dr. Manjiri Bakre gave

July 04, 2016