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If you have been recently diagnosed with early-stage invasive breast cancer, there is a possibility that you may not require chemotherapy. Through us, your doctor will make personalized treatment decisions based on the diagnosis and the condition of the tumor.

Recurrence risk prediction is the first step towards customized cancer treatment

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Why do you need CanAssist-Breast?

CanAssist-Breast test provides additional information about the cancerous tumor. Along with the existing pathology report, this test result can help identify the likelihood of the cancer returning post-surgery and whether the patient is likely to benefit from adding chemotherapy to her hormone therapy. The need for the assessment arises from the fact that each patient is different and not all of them have to undergo chemotherapy.

How is it administered?

Once your doctor orders the CanAssist-Breast test, the hospital lab will send your FFPE blocks (comprising of the tumor tissue, removed during your original surgery) to OncoStem Diagnostics’ laboratory. Our lab performs the test by analyzing 5 protein biomarkers and computing risk of recurrence using our proprietary machine learning algorithm. After 10 working days, the results are made available to the doctor and the patient to discuss the report and personalize the treatment.

You will NOT have to go through any additional surgery or procedure to get the results of CanAssist-Breast test.

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