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Innovative, multi-marker
prognostic tests for cancer
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Tests designed to aid
personalized cancer therapy
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Personalized treatment improves
patients’ quality of life

About Us

Cancer is a complex disease, and we at OncoStem develop tests that help to identify patterns of cancer recurrence risk. An understanding of these patterns ensures that patients receive personalized therapies and treatments that are best suited to their condition.

Founded in 2011, OncoStem aims to develop innovative tests to personalize treatment for cancer patients. Understanding of tumor biology aids physicians in optimizing therapy for cancer patients. Our flagship product CanAssist Breast has been launched for breast cancer. Currently, we are working on similar tests for other cancer types including oral and ovarian cancer. Research is underway towards identifying and characterizing novel drug targets for breast and oral cancer.

Our Science

OncoStem is focused on developing innovative prognostic and predictive solutions for various types of cancer. Our approach involves integrating the molecular signature of the disease with clinicopathological parameters that are time-tested in prognostic evaluation of cancer. We use our expertise in tumor biology to create actionable solutions that assist physicians in developing optimal therapeutic programs for their patients. We utilize gold-standard protein or gene expression techniques in our assays and combine them with a deep learning approach that enhances our knowledge of cancer.

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