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OncoStem Diagnostics works on developing innovative tests to help plan and personalize cancer treatment. Our goal is to use the latest in technology to redefine cancer treatment. CanAssist-Breast, our flagship product, helps clinicians formulate personalized therapeutic programs for their patients. The result – precision medicine that could shorten recovery time and improve the patients’ quality of life.

CanAssist-Breast is ISO 13485 accredited & CE (IVD) marked

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Postsurgical treatment depends on the risk of cancer recurrence. CanAssist-Breast helps in accurate risk prediction, which means you are assured that the side effects of treatment do not outweigh their benefits. You get the treatment that your health warrants, which translates into shorter treatment cycles, lower costs and quicker recovery.


The benefit that a low-risk patient receives from chemotherapy usually hovers between 10-15%. This makes accurate risk prediction an all-important prerequisite for effective treatment. CanAssist-Breast is a quick and cost-effective test that helps in your quest to offer the most effective treatment.

Redefining Cancer Treatment

CanAssist-Breast stratifies Hormone Receptor positive breast cancer patients as low- or high-risk for cancer recurrence and aids in personalized treatment planning.


Hypothesis driven biomarker selection


based algorithm


Actionable results


Gateway to rational drug design


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